XPertBilling is a powerful CustomerCare & Billing (CC&B) based on a reliable database. This combination gives our users Multi-tenant and high-performance solutions, fast deployment, configuration and almost no maintenance.

XPertBilling, as a CC&B software, can bill any telecom data (Mobile, Data, wire-line, VoIP and any delivered Service ) but it is also Subscription billing, that can bill any recurrent Subscription.

XPertBilling’s Web-Service API enables our clients to connect any third party software to access XPertBilling’s database and its different modules.


XPertBilling on Firebird 5.x

We are excited to announce that XPertBilling, the leading billing software, is now fully compatible with Firebird 5 SQL! After a dedicated development process, XPertBilling’s

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XPertBilling on Firebird 4.x

Soon XPertBilling will be launched with the new version of Firebird. This version will give better performance, and unlimited scalability through replications features. This version

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Telenet Business​

Telenet Business's software interacts with XPertBilling's...


IRISnet is a cooperative telecommunications services company, that serve the Brussels City...